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5 Makeup Looks To Rock This Summer

Summertime used to inspire soft, barely-there makeup, as if everyone was headed off to a day at the beach. Not in 2019! This summer’s eye makeup trends are in-your-face gorgeous, if a bit more ambitious than the beachy vibe of seasons past. 

Contacts wearers, don’t worry: We’ve got tips to help you rock dramatic eye makeup and keep your lenses fresh all summer long. From blazing neon to chill white liner, here are a few of summer makeup looks to try.


This look goes beyond a pop of color, offering explosions of fluorescent liner and shadow. Neon has been all over the fashion runways in 2019. It’s more wearable for every day than you might think, though, because bold colors can work with all skin tones. 

If you’re not ready for a full-lidded fluorescent look, you can always baby-step your way into this trend by using a bright liner or mascara. Check out this tutorial for how to master it in just three steps.


If you love color and can’t be limited by one shade in your shadow palette, the watercolor trend might be your new go-to. 

This arty look requires four or five jewel tones for maximum impact, so it’s far from low maintenance. But the payoff is gorg—and there are lots of tutorials and quick tips to help you paint your lids beautifully even if you don’t know your Wyeth from your van Gogh.


bright makeup for eyes open girls with clean skin. Three colors. Macro.

Summer’s fresh, oceanic blues and greens find a fanciful canvas in mermaid-inspired eye makeup. Shimmery teals and blues avoid the harsh, frosted look of the ’80s by incorporating smokey eye techniques for next-level glam. 

Here’s a roundup of mermaid eye makeup tutorials to follow if you want to make waves this summer.

Smokey eye with glitter

Sultry, smokey eye makeup is a classic any time of year. But if you want to make it stand out for summer, add some sparkle. Makeup artists recommend applying glittery shadow in a gradient wing (consider it a gentler version of a cat eye) for a look that can go from happy hour to a night on the town. 

If you don’t want full-on sparkles, you can also do a sparkling coral/peach or rose gold smokey eye that mimics the colors of a summer sunset.

White eyeliner

When it’s hot out, white eyeliner seems super cool. This retro look got new life in 2019, with celebs rocking it. For summer, use a pale shadow or concealer on your lids to make the white liner stand out. 

Want more inspo? Learn how to do white cat eyes or master a mod 1960s eye.

Whatever makeup you choose, don’t sacrifice eye health for #fashion

This summer’s eye-catching makeup looks won’t be quite as glam if you end up with dry, irritated or infected eyes and can’t wear your contacts. To keep your eyes healthy, follow these tips for wearing makeup with contact lenses, from the American Optometric Association and All About Vision:

  • Always wash your hands first: This seems like it shouldn’t need to be said, but we sometimes forget that our hands are host to tons of microorganisms—including harmful bacteria and viruses. Before starting your makeup routine, wash your hands with soap and warm water, then insert your contacts and give them a few seconds to settle. After that, get ready to glam it up!
  • Put on your contacts before moisturizer or foundation: Face products may contain oils, pigments and other ingredients that can get in your eyes. Putting your contacts on first helps you avoid getting irritants from these products stuck to your lenses.
  • Choose hypoallergenic eye makeup: If your liner or shadow says “hypoallergenic” or “non-allergenic” on the label, it generally means the formula contains fewer ingredients that could trigger an allergic reaction. These products tend to be better suited for people who wear contacts or have sensitive eyes, but hypoallergenic claims aren’t regulated by the FDA, so there’s no guarantee. Many makeup lines offer hypoallergenic formulas, so you should be able to find one that works for your new summertime look.
  • Avoid waterproof or lash-extending mascara: These types of eye makeup are more likely to get stuck to or under your lenses and are hard to remove.
  • Apply eye liner only above the lash line: Some of this summer’s boldest looks depend on dramatic liner. That’s cool, but be careful how you apply it. Your eyelashes create a natural barrier that helps your eyes stay healthy. Penciling liner above your lowers the likelihood it will smudge into your eyes, causing irritation or leading to styes and other infections.
  • Choose cream eye shadow formulas: Highly pigmented loose powders look dramatic, but are more likely to flake or shift once you apply them. Particles from the powder can then migrate under your contacts and get stuck. Instead, look for water-based cream shadows, which are more likely to stay put and fairly easy to remove. If loose powder is your only option, apply it with your lids closed and blot off the excess before opening your eyes.
  • When removing eye makeup, take out your contacts first: At the end of the day, wash your hands, then clean and store your contacts before removing your makeup. If you do the reverse, pigments and oils from your makeup can wash into your lenses, creating an irritating film. 

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