Contact Lenses 101

The Importance of an Annual Eye Exam to Your Overall Health

Your eyes might only be a small part of your body, but eyesight is arguably one of the most important of the five senses. It can be a pain to go to the eye doctor (finding the right doctor, navigating insurance co-pays, comparing prices), so it’s easy to lose track of why an eye exam is important in the first place.

We need to get vision screenings every year for our prescription to be valid, but often times a vision screening may not be enough.  Getting a comprehensive eye exam performed by your optometrist serves some important health functions. During an eye exam, doctors can not only check your vision, but they also check your health more broadly.  Even though your eyes are small, your eye health is actually a great indication overall physical health and can be an early signal of health problems!

So, how often should you be seeing your optometrist?

According to All About Vision (an online resource with articles written by optometrists), children under 18 should visit their optometrist every one to two years because a majority of learning materials are presented visually. Adults between the age of 18-65 should have their eyes checked every two years, at least, but contact lens wearers need to visit their optometrists every year.

In addition to testing your vision, comprehensive eye exams also test for seven major health issues.  An eye exam can test for diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune disorders, high cholesterol, thyroid problems, cancer, and tumors.  Did you know? Optometrists can even detect diabetes years before you are diagnosed!

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