How it works

Annual memberships include an eye exam
and 12-month supply of contact lenses.

Meet Gemma.

She’s a lot like you. She needs contact lenses, but doesn’t know where to start. What’s an internet-savvy vision-correction seeker to do?

Gemma discovers Sightbox.

Gemma loves that Sightbox takes care of all her needs: researching a top-notch optometrist, booking her exam—and paying for it in advance.

All Gemma has to do is make 12 monthly payments to cover the cost of her vision care for the year.

Gemma goes to her exam.

After her exam, Gemma is either sent home with trial lenses to test drive, or her eye doctor writes an updated prescription for the same brand of contact lenses she’s been wearing.

Ultimately, the final decision about what kind of contact lenses Gemma wears is between her and her optometrist—the way it should be!

Gemma’s optometrist finalizes her Rx.

Gemma and her optometrist decide which lenses are best for her. As soon as her prescription is sent to Sightbox, we next-day her contacts to her door.

From there on, Sightbox sends Gemma contacts throughout the year until she renews—then the process starts again!

All popular lenses supported.

We support whichever soft contact lenses your doctor prescribes, including spherical, toric, multifocal and color contacts.


Any optometrist.
Any state.

There’s no network. We choose offices close to where you live or work, have a great reputation and fit your schedule.