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Our Story

Sightbox was built to simplify vision care.
Travis Rush, born into a family of optometrists, spent most of his life trying to fix his struggle with over-wearing contact lenses. The entire system was complicated, confusing, and did little to support his quest for healthy eyes. Juggling relationships with his eye doctor (a.k.a. "Dad"), contact lens retailers, and submitting reimbursement forms with vision insurance was challenging as Travis trekked across the country in his tour bus — trying to build his career as a country musician.

We started from the ground up.
On break between tours, Travis would moonlight as a web application coder. Collaborating with his father, the two developed a web platform to help patients connect with their eye doctor online. Travis created Sightbox to prove that managing vision care could be simple for contact lens wearers. He knew that this would require more than a simple doctor web portal. Until customers could easily connect their eye doctor, lens retailer, and insurance company under one simplified payment structure, no app or website could truly affect the problem.

And designed a solution for contact lens wearers.
We took the best of eye doctors, online retail, and vision insurance and rolled it into a single service. Sightbox finances the upfront cost of an eye exam and delivers your annual supply of lenses. This allows us to spread out your payments over time, and to be a single point of contact for all of your vision needs. We believe a simple, convenient service will help millions of people see and live life with happier eyes.


Our Founder

Travis is a lifetime entrepreneur and web application coder. He is a country music artist at heart and a contact lens wearer by training. Travis comes from a family of optometrists who have been working to correct his bad contact lens wearing habits his whole life. With the invention of 1-Day disposable contacts, he finally found a contact lens that fit his active lifestyle. That's why he created Sightbox — to simplify vision care for people on the go.

Travis Rush - Sightbox Founder & CEO
Travis Rush
Founder & CEO


Our Team

Sightbox is a people-focused company that offers competitive salaries, full health benefits and a creative office environment. We are currently accepting applications for internships. To apply, please send a resume and cover letter our way via our Contact Page.

David Lewis - Sightbox Brand Director
David Lewis
Brand Director
Andrew Germer - Sightbox Marketing Director
Andrew Germer
Marketing Director
Jenny Podgorski - Care Coordinator
Jenny Podgorski
Care Coordinator
Abby Kim - Sightbox Office Manager
Abby Kim
Office Assistant


Our Advisors

Bradley Smith, O.D. - Sightbox Advisor
Bradley Smith, O.D.
Optometrist, 27 Years
Douglas Walker, O.D. - Sightbox Advisor
Douglas Walker, O.D.
Optometrist, 17 Years
Nicole Rush, O.D. - Sightbox Advisor
Nicole Rush, O.D.
Optometrist, 14 Years


Our Office

Sightbox is located in the Pittock Block, one of Portland's coolest historic buildings. Formerly a power generator station for the city and print room for The Oregonian newspaper, it is now home to many of the area's leading tech companies.

Sightbox Offices in Downtown Portland
The Pittock Block was constructed from 1913-1914.
Sightbox Offices in Downtown Portland
Newspapers from the past surround tubes from today.
What Contacts Do You Wear?

Daily Disposable Lenses

I put in a fresh pair of lenses every day.

Extended Wear Disposable Lenses

I change my lenses every 2-4 weeks.
Sightbox is designed to deliver contacts to daily disposable wearers exclusively.
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